Cross Country Custom Homes

The CCCH Difference: Why Choose Us?

CCCH is committed to identifying and satisfying the changing styles of custom and luxury homes for the discriminating homeowner. We are guided by your needs and desires, and we realize that it’s the "special touches" that you might desire, that makes your home a truly special "Custom Home". We are dedicated to building a high quality, energy efficient home.

Our "Personalized Commitment" is given to every intimate detail of your home. From initial contract with you customized home plan and design, through the building process and interior finishing, we provide personal attention on a daily basis. "Personalized commitment" means satisfying You – our customer.

When building your new home, you expect only the finest craftsmanship and materials available. With CCCH you can be sure that the finest is exactly what you receive. We are continually searching for new ways to improve the design and energy features of our new custom built homes. When it comes to materials for your new home, there is no substitute for quality. Quality home construction starts with each engineered foundation and continues through home completion. And, most importantly, we are proud of the people who craft your home. To insure that our standards are met, we have selected only those subcontractors and vendors that have a proven track record of producing quality work and supplying quality materials. Many of CCCH’s subcontractors have been working for Mike Davis for over 20 years, which will help insure that your CCCH Home is truly the home of your lifetime.

Also, as a safety precaution for the homeowners, all financing is in their own name. This allows the homeowner to have total control of the construction financing. Additionally, Cross Country Custom Homes sets up a separate checking account for each build job to prevent co-mingling of funds from separate building projects.

CCCH further provides its homeowners with a full and complete list of all subcontractors that will work on their home. Conversations with subcontractors and on-site visits by the homeowner during the building process are actually encouraged by CCCH. Another exciting difference with CCCH is that if the house builds under budget the savings is actually passed on to the homeowner.